Is dating and finding the right person typically a hard task?

I hear multiple people say that being single is a choice. However, I hear others state that they just can’t find someone their compatible with. And I must say, I get envious when I see those beautiful couples and even older couples that have been together for decades. How do they make it work? I’ve only ever been in a relationship that lasted a few months and I’m 23. I feel like I’m destined to be single. And I don’t think I’m terrible looking. I’ve been complimented for my looks from both genders. Not solely including compliments from family members and female friends. Why can’t I find a good guy? 😭
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  • It is very hard indeed depending on your expectations, wants and needs. Some people stay single because their expectations are too high. Some meet the wrong people because their expectations are too low.

  • Yea it is
    Ask yourself one question
    Why do you think you deserve a good guy? What did you and sacrifice to get that kind person?
    What are the quality of a good guy and do you have those qualities and exhibit them in ur life.

    After that you will know why you cannot find cuz
    1. You reap what you sow
    2 by choosing a path you have already chosen the destination.
    3. You get what you deserve, not what you want.

    So if your action and way of life deserve good guy, you gonna get...

    Make it simple for you:
    If you have flowers in your garden, you will attewct honeybees. If you have poo
    In your garden, you will have flies.


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