Hey! Calling all types of the male “shy nerd” species! What kind of body, looks, and personality do you like?

The title says it all, being descriptive will be helpful but you can just put a short list if you want. I’m just looking to see if I really attract the types of people I like or not!


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  • body: long as you are not over or underweight to the point of health issues, you don't smoke, drink (in excess) do drugs, party. in other words if you have self respect we good. looks nothing in particular comes to mind. I guess best thing I got is can't do clown face. personality is the lengthy one. so here goes... Calm, patient, respectful, polite, well mannered, honest, trusting, trustworthy, caring, silly, blunt, generous, sympathetic, sweet, genuine, smart, witty, intelligent. suffice it to say a good personality is what matters.

    • What’s clown face? Makeup?

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    • Right, well I guess I’m just not into any of the “paths” as they are quite serious.

    • I wouldn't worry much about it seems most people like to "experiment" whatever that is. You will be fine :)

  • Body isn't important at all, which is basically looks. I like them to have a good sense of humor and be fun easy going. Having a good head on their shoulders too. Being an observant person like myself, it's fun to just watch other people at times.


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