Is this a good sign?

I met this girl at a place I worked at last year, and we got pretty close. But I couldn't get involved with her because she had a boyfriend and a son.
I noticed recently we were talking more and more. And that her boyfriends pictures were removed from her social media.
Recently, I told her I really liked her and thought she liked me based off our conversations, and I was curious what she felt and thought about things.
She at first was concerned about the 8 year age Gap, but I said I don't mind, and I asked what she thought about what I said. She said she 'didnt know, that relationships can be problematic' I acknowledged that, but I wanted to try.
She then said she did find me very attractive and liked the way we interacted, but we needed to hang out more.
We've been talking about seeing a movie this week, and she said she'd love to see a movie with me and also offered to add minutes to her phone so we could call.

Based off that, i feel she likes me, and the boyfriend isn't an issue anymore, and she said she recently moved 'to be closer to the mountains' which my friends interpret as things ended and she found a new place.
But I also don't know how to act for the movie, we have the recliners there, and I don't now if I should be flirty or something or just let her make the moves
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