How do you know when it’s ok to call first?

Seen this guy 8 times. He’s complained about me not reaching out and how it makes him feel like I’m not interested & dont even care to see him. So I reached out and he was busy at a friends house watching football. He then texted me later but I had made plans with friends and didn’t want to be rude and leave so then I asked about the next night and he said he had to work so then we agreed we’d meet up another night. He then called me late that same night just to talk. That was Sunday night. It’s now Wednesday.

I don’t know if it’s on me to reach out or I should wait for him. I don’t want to scare him off since I already reached out (after he asked me to) sooo what do I do?


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  • He’ll come around... just say hey are we still god for such and such day?

    • Thanks, except we didn’t decide on a specific day. He runs 3 successful businesses so his hours are insane and all over the place. And I get so scared of bothering him

    • Just say “just doing a rain check I’m available this day if that works for you?”

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