Is having a female best friend a turn off?

I have a female best friend (and have no romantic feelings for her). I was wondering if this would be a turn off or not.


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  • I find the whole idea of 'best friends' to be a little juvenile to be honest. I mean, friends don't need to be categorised to that degree. To claim a best friend is often a thing born of insecurity.

    • One of my really close friends

    • Yeah, that's a better way of saying it. I don't think that it's a turn off for most girls but they might get jealous of that girl.

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  • A lot of girls would see her as a rival, especially since she is close to you, has known you longer and knows things about that the girl you just met doesn't.

    That said, a confident Girl would be able to tell that there is Nothing going on and wouldn't let it bother her. If there are Feelings, she might pick up on it and that would usually be a dealbreaker.

    • A Girl who isn't confident might well insist that you not have any female Friends at all or would pass.

  • If she has feelings for you then yeah it probably is, sorry dude :(

    • Thanks. I'm sorry too😂

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