How to deal/feel about a girl that says she misses you and wants you back in town but disappears randomly?

So there's a girl that I've known for some years, after moving away she would tell me she misses me and wants me back in town. We had talked about a relationship and seeing where things would/could go, after visiting a few times she disappeared for a few months (due to school and work) then after talking on my birthday she had talked about a guy that had crushed her heart and said she just sees me as a brother when i asked if he's the reason why things ended with us and proceeded to tell me that she'd only hurt me if things continued. Fast forward some months we started talking again and we started to sext a bit (where she would call me her favorite toy and that I'm her's) and again she started saying how she wishes i was back.

Welp I ended up moving back a month ago due to my feelings for her growing along with telling her i felt like i was falling in love with her. After hanging out a few times and not being physical at all, I had to ask if she felt like I'd just hurt or disappear on her like previous guys but was only met with a -.-" face, so with that and along with messages starting to dwindle again I ended up asking if I was just a toy due to being put off to the side and seemingly picked back up when nothing is happening. She rightfully got mad, then said there's nothing between us and to stop the confusion she's ending the sexting for good as well.

I'm sorry for the novel but I'm just trying to wrap my head around what's going on and if she's just going through another phase where she pushes everyone away. Obviously there's more little things here and there but these are the main points.


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