Should I call or wait for him?

Seeing this guy for a bit. Seen him 8 times. He mentioned a couple times how I never reach out and call to hang out and how it made him feel like I didn’t care if we ever hung out or not. Then later that night he tells me how he never wants to get married or have a committed relationship or kids. So I get confused. Then the next time he mentions again how he always calls and I don’t. So finally I called... he was busy cooking and had a friend over to watch the football game. He texted me this. So I text back and ask him about the game etc then say anyway I called to see why your weekend looked like and he said he wasn’t sure yet. He might not have one and had to work. So I say ok let me know if things change. Later that night he texts me asking what I was doing. I said I was out with friends and he wanted me to ditch them I said that’d be rude but we can hang out another night? What about Tomorrow? He said he can’t tomorrow so then we try to meet up but by then we were both tired so I said it’s up to you I’m cool either way. He said we’ll do it another night. So I said ok cool, good I’m tired lol. Then about an hour later he calls me just to talk and we laugh and debate and then we say good night.

So now that was Sunday night. It’s now Wednesday do I reach out to him or do I wait for him? I don’t want to come on too strong and scare him... but at the same time I want to see him


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  • Why not call him and suggest hanging out. At some point, you need to clarify what he means about a committed relationship anyway.

    • You’re right I do. Which is also why I want to call and see him again. You wouldn’t think the woman was clingy if she called you & asked to hang out again?

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    • Ok thank you! Wish me luck

    • No problem- and good luck (I think you'll be fine)!

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