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My parents do not want me dating until I am 21. They are 100% serious about this topic. I am 19. I tried the "I am an adult card", but they say as long as I live under their roof, I can not date until 21. But they also do not want me moving out even for college... What do you think ahout this 😵


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  • Move out

  • Have they said why they don't want you dating?

    • They simply say that I need to "focus on school" but I am a straight A student :/

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    • I can't 😭😭😭 and he is so perfect. :((

    • And you can't wait for 2 years? :/

What Girls Said 1

  • They are worried about you. Some parents have it hard with seeing their children grow up and becoming adults. Maybe they're scared something bad will happen to you once you start dating?
    Why not starting by winning their trust? Show them that you can take care of smaller things first and step by step they will be able to trust you with greater things.
    I don't know how they will actually react though. Have they always been this way?

    • Yup. Always been this way. And I am pretty sure they have no reason to lack trust :/

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    • 😥 but thank you

    • Anytime! I hope they will change their mind 😭

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