Do girls care about actual protection or the illusion of protection?

The main reason girls give for demanding 6ft tall men is that they would fee protected and shorter men are to blame for not being tall, I understand that and I'll try to work on getting taller. But is being tall the main thing that matters in looking for a boyfriend? If every woman demanded physically perfect men, what percent of the male population would die off?


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  • Don’t get me wrong being tall helps in dating a lot but it is far from the most important thing women care about, women care about confidence more than anything, that’s why the guys who’s are full of themselves and narcissistic have tons of women chasing after them, just project out to the ladies that your the best shit around and they will all flock to ya

    • Yea, they want TALL men to be confident

    • When they say things like "ohh want a guy to buy me flowers" do you think they mean a short guy or Brad Pitt?

    • Dude I’m only 5’5” And got no issue with ladies because I’m confident, your using the tall thing as an excuse not to work on your confidence

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