Don’t feel attraction very often, is this normal?

I don’t find myself attracted to many men, to me a lot of the time I can appreciate a man has good looks, but don’t feel anything towards them. Though maybe 4 times a year I see a man who gets me excited just on looks alone, but this year I’ve only had it once. Is this normal? I really want to meet a man I’m attracted to, but it’s like I don’t get excited by the thought of a relationship anymore. I’m scared I’m asexual or something, I don’t want to be, I want to have romantic and sexual feelings towards guys again.

also, the other day I got worried cause recently I’ve been self conscious about my appearance. When I was out, there was a girl who was absolutely stunning I was looking at her hair and makeup like wow I need to go and make myself look like this, I was so jealous. But when she walked past me, I suddenly felt nervous, and then I panicked that I thought ‘what if I’m attracted to her?’ Since that moment I was convinced I felt butterflies and I started to feel all obsessive over it, I didn’t like it. I hope I just wanted to be her, not with her, I could never imagine kissing a girl. Then I also panicked thinking omg I never get butterfly feelings with random guys, m.

i hope I meet a guy who instantly I feel attracted to, it seems like it doesn’t happen anymore. I have been very stressed recently though so maybe this can do it? I used to only fancy reallt hot guys but now the type of guy I used to like no longer excites me, I hope this changes


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  • You don't have to be attracted to men all the time.


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  • You sound like ace indeed. I’m demisexual, but it’s just how I’ve always been, so I don’t see it as a bad thing. I just don’t feel attraction to anyone (only aesthetic attraction) until I truly know a person, then I might get feelings. Have only romantically liked 3 people in my entire life, that’s it.

    • But I don’t want to be ace, I miss having feelings for guys!

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    • But I used to feel attcrion, I want to meet a guy I’m attracted to and have sex with men

    • Okay, then you’re either grey sexual or just straight. Who cares about the label - you need to be happy with your life. Perhaps your hormones are just out of whack, I don’t know

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