How far along in life should males be before they try to date?

When asking for help in dating, the answer I get is "focus on your career and just wait a girl will just come along one day". It's really hard to when I'm having the same luck in applying for jobs. Woman and employers want experienced workers or partners and hold entry level candidates to high expectations. Which is justified, but in both aspects I feel overwhelmed and scared that I won't end up with either a career or a partner. I have some free lane web development experience and I'm trying to build my career which seems to be a requirement even from women in my position. Everyone else seems to have it figured out but me and it hurts. It's hard to feel confident when everyone is better than you.


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  • I hate that too 😡 "focus on your studying everything else is trivial" I just wanna experience how love feels. "You'll find the right one one day" they say, bullshit. Whith my shyness I'll die alone

    • We're at their mercy sadly

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