Isn't a casual relationship hurtful to the guy?

Many women look for casual relationships when they are younger and hurt men that want to get serious in the process. Isn't that no different than guys tricking women into having sex with them by making them think that they want a relationship?


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  • The only way for the wo/man to hurt the wo/man is by not being honest with them from the beginning and purposefully misleading them. If so, I agree that casual relationships would not be best in that regard.

    Now, if the wo/man makes her/his intentions known and the wo/man decides to still pursue a sexual relationship with former individual? That is not the fault of the former wo/man. S/He stated that s/he only wanted sex and the latter wo/man still continued hoping to change their mind. In this case, yes, it would be hurtful but the latter individual set her/himself up for it.


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