Which girl would you rather date in this scenario? (Read description first)?

You're a 25 year old in here

18 year old girl, she doesn't mind you don't have a job or a car and is still happy to be with you since you have a connection, she is overall nice and sweet

30 year old girl. She doesn't like that you don't have a job and is helping you get a good job but is very tough and strict on you. there is still a connection
  • The 18 year old
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  • the 30 year old
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  • other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmmm... wrong and wrong...

    You have to date someone you feel better with... only you can know that... you say there’s a connection with both, but which one do you actually feel better with and see a happy future with?

    From what you said we can only conclude to assumptions...
    the 18 year old will eventually leave you if you don’t get a job because as we grow we tend to aspire more of life..

    The 30 year old can possibly help you find a job and be happy with you bevsuse she’s likely looking to settle... HOWEVER, YOU might want to leave HER, because you will now have a job and you’ll feel more confident in yourself and will probably want to test the waters else where...

    Again... these are ASSUMPTIONS based on what you said... they can be true or false, but very likely to happen.

    Better go with what feels right!
    What’s meant to be will be anyway! And what’s not, won’t.
    But don’t play witn different girls emotions giving false hopes.

    • If I was with the 30 year old that helped me with the job I would still stay with her because she was patient and helpful. To leave someone like that would be dumb.

    • So you’d stay with someone out of gratitude rather because you actually want to be there with them? xD that’s awful! As great full as you are, that’s awful!

Most Helpful Guy

  • 18 year old, because if you're forced to do something, more than likely you will resent that person.


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What Girls Said 2

  • The 18 years old is ok now but in some years she wouldn't be anymore and become like the 30 years old so

  • Younger but i wouldn't marry her or anything.


What Guys Said 2

  • Id go with that tiger mom

  • Younger is always better


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