Am I wrong here, and what are some online dating red flags?

I made me a dating profile. So I was chatting with this guy and we didn't even have a full conversation yet, he was very vague with me and he already was wanting to hangout with me.
So of course I said no I would rather talk for a little bit before I hangout with anyone, especially someone online. He proceeded to tell me he's not looking for a pen pal and an online girlfriend and we're adults. So I explained how there's a ton of weirdos online and that's why I'm iffy with meeting with people.
I'm not gonna go hangout with a complete stranger who won't even let me talk with him before I meet him. That just screamed red flag to me. I just got a weird vibe.
He even told me I'm wasting guy's time and I'll never meet anyone😐


Most Helpful Guy

  • He was a red flag you were right to not to hang out.

    Few red flags:
    - too eager to meet in person
    - too eager to say stuff like "i love you"
    - he says "im a nice guy"
    - they only talk about themselves
    - good to know how they react to refusal. This example you gave you can clearly see he does not take refusal well and starts out right insulting you don't want that kind of toxic person approaching you.
    - when you meet a stranger make sure it is in a public place with other people
    - don't get drunk or risk being drugged on the first date. (So keep your eye on anything you ingest so nothing suspicious slips in it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You did the right thing. A good guy wouldn’t pressure you to do something you’re uncomfortable with. He doesn’t want anything good—steer clear!


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  • I'm all down for hanging out after getting to know someone. That's rude as hell what he said to you. Good thing you didn't go hang out with him. What an ass.

  • Sounds like you're better off not meeting him! Continue paying attention to those red flags!


What Girls Said 1

  • better to be safe.


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