Does he like you if he offers to do stuff for you?

He’s my manager. We’re the same age. Today, my female manager was gonna send me to do lobby but my male manager said “I’ll do it since she’s taking orders” knowing that I hate cleaning. Lol. A manager cleaning lobby is not common.

Also, I offered to stay late and he asked “you want to stay for me, take my shift? It’s till 1am so I can leave at 11pm?” (That’s his shift. I was supposed to leave at 11pm. But he admitted he was gonna stay till 1am anyway since he had to count boxes, etc) He proceeded to ask me like five times throughout my shift if I was staying till 1am. The overnight manager came in around 10pm and ended up sending me home at midnight and my male manager was like “I thought you were staying till 1am”
They didn’t really need me tho. Why would he care if I was staying till 1am if he had to stay till 1am anyway? I couldn’t do his shift at all.
Also, he brags about me to new people that I train saying that I’m really fast. And the other day I did stay till 1am and he asked if I lived nearby.

Is it possible he likes me?
I just want to add that he’s always suggesting that I stay late past my shift. Before I was always trying to leave early so I would ask to go home and he would make me stay late. Now he’ll ask if I want to stay late or I’ll offer to stay late but he always seems to want to me to stay late.


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