Is he a good guy? Will he do this to me?

Boyfriend tonight told me I was beautiful out of the blue. We are hanging this weekend and its the first time we are spending the night together. We've been together for a solid of 7 and a half months. Almost 8. He hasn't pressured me into sex (We haven't done it yet), drives an hour to see me (I trade off driving to see him). He pays for me all the time, I haven't ever paid.. He paid even when we first met for me. He also opens doors for me sometimes, He walks up to the door and gets me. I met his family and his cousin he's the closest too and we double dated with his cousins girlfriend. I hung out with his older sister. He always smiles when he see's me. He tells me I have an amazing personality and smile. He's polite to waitstaff and leaves tips. It took my boyfriend and I 2 months of dating to even kiss. I am his second girlfriend. I am just worried he might be talking to other girls online? Or going to strip clubs? Does every guy do this? Do you think he is?


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  • You can't just think he's talking to other girls for no reason, from what it sounds like he seems like a very nice guy allowing things to go at your pace. The fact youve met some of his family and hung out with his older sister shows he's serious about you.

    • I tend to overthink things. I should stop though, cause it's going to ruin it. I am glad that he is serious about me. He told me from the start he was looking for something serious.

    • It is, dont think unless you have valid reason to. It sounds like it with how he introduced you with his family.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes he is a good guy. About the future? Anything can happen, but not all guys cheat or go to strip clubs. Why should you waste your time worrying over things that might not even happen?

    • You're right. I should just enjoy my relationship. He's so practical too, lol. Do you think if sex happened now he would leave me?

    • According to what you write he doesn’t sound like he would do that. But you’ll never know for sure.

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  • Bruh

    You describe him as just being an amazing boyfriend, just a little slow.
    Why you doubt him after all that?

    • Why did you call him slow?

    • Cause it took like 2 months for you to even start kissing. Not mentally slow or anything 😌

    • Oh hahahaa I thought you meant mentally. Well yeah for sure.

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  • He's a good guy


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