Boyfriend was upset when I told him I want to take birth control pills? Why?

So to make a long story short, I have never taken birth control pills because there was never a need to. I am not sexually active and I'm waiting until marriage to have sex. But... my boyfriend and I are getting serious and so I began thinking that I should go on the pill because I'm losing my virginity to him soon. We have a long distance relationship and when I go down to visit him, I know we will probably have sex for the first time. When I finally brought it up, he had an attitude and seemed rather upset. I asked "Why do you sound so upset?" He was like "Honestly I'm just not convinced you should go on birth control." I was like "What? Why not?" Then he began saying things like "What if it gives you fertility issues and you can't have kids in the future?" I was like "That's not true. Some girls begin taking birth control in their teens & have kids later on without problems." He hesitated and was like "There are other methods of avoiding pregnancy. I can use the pull out method or use condoms." I was like "Condoms break and there's no guarantee it would work. I want to be in control of preventing pregnancy." He was all offended and said "You don't want to have babies with me ever?" I was like "Of course I do. Just not anytime soon." After a long time of walking on eggshells around him he finally says "Do what you want I guess. But I can buy you the birth control pills myself." What is going on in his head? I'm only 22 and in no way ready to have a baby. He tells me he wants us to have kids very soon and wouldn't mind if it happened right this second? Lol


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  • He's sounds like a immature boy who want's to poke the bear and then scream cause the bear is chasing him. !! Your giving him your first to a guy that wants to wait till she married is a FANTASTIC wonderful idea that most girls don't do now a days and if no one thanks you for that I will.
    Thank you.
    So to the topic at hand. He sounds like he wants to put a baby in you the fist time you have sex , and that's not cool your not married to him yet and plus your not ready. So his wanting to violate your wishes and do it anyway. Not cool. And for him to say "your buying them yourself"
    Is Freaking insane. I would think twice about this guy at this point. Not saying break up. Just re think. Birth control is a wonderful Idea and it fits most people really well. But unless they changed it. it takes 6 months to take effect really well. So even if you took one does not mean that you can't get pregnant. Please make him wear a condom if you are going to go though with this and get on the BC. as fast as you can before he knock's you up

    • Thanks for your response :) honestly I have to say that he is generally a lot more mature than I am and he usually thinks everything through. The problem in this scenario is that he is about ten years older than me and his "biological clock" is ticking. He may be ready to have a baby right now, but I have things I need to accomplish before becoming a mom. I'm at a selfish point in my life and don't necessarily want to make sacrifices for the sake of a baby. I am going to use a birth control method that takes immediate effect so that there's no room for mistakes. He volunteered to buy it for me but I'd rather do it myself. Thanks again :)

    • That's great that you have solved the problem and best of luck to you & him. However your not being selfish your where you need to be. Remember his 10 years older so If he were 10 years younger I doubt he would be having this thoughts. <3 have a great day

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