WHEN and HOW do I do it?

I've been absolutely smitten with this Girl I work with for around about a year now. We work together a few days a week, outside of work we speak every so often. I'll make up an excuse to message her something work related, or else just start a random tease and we'll converse from there. We haven't hung out outside of work, but in work were pretty much inseparable to the point where it's commented on, a lot.
I've never made a move, because she had a boyfriend the whole time but just two weeks ago she and her boyfriend split up and I knew quite a bit about the whole ordeal because she confided in me a lot during the last few months of their relationship, which were pretty bad months.
Eventually, I'm absolutely going to ask her out because I can't not. She's amazing. But my question is, when is it appropriate to do so? And maybe even more importantly, how? I've never been great at the whole asking a girl out thing but this is like, the first time I've just felt "suck it up, she's worth every bit of a try".
Any and all help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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  • You might know what kind of stuff she likes. Find a good date idea, and just ask her "Hey, wanna do this thing you usually like? Yeah? Great, how about tomorrow?"
    Timing doesn't matter much. Just avoid doing it in front of all your colleagues, and it's better if you ask her when you're already having a nice chat.
    It's not rocket science. Just be confident.

    • Thanks for the reply! I'm more concerned about how long it would be acceptable to wait since she just broke up two weeks ago?

    • You should know that better than me. She's either still thinking about her ex, or wants to move on. You can act now, but you'd run the risk of being nothing else than a rebound for her. If she seems ready to date you seriously, do not hesitate.

    • Thanks for the advice! It's really appreciated.

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