My best friend (who I dated for a year) keeps making fun of the fact that I'm still single. What do I do?

My best friend and I dated for a year (we're lesbians) she started dating someone else immediately when we broke up, I didn't and haven't. I'm content being single, but literally every time we hang out she asks if I have a girlfriend she doesn't know about or when I'm going to date someone or have sex.

Why is she doing this? She's been in her new relationship for almost a year. Why does it matter whether I am single or not? It bothers me but I don't know how to talk to her about it.


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  • I think she's still caught up on you, but I'd be wary going back into a relationship with her. She doesn't seem like the nicest person from how you've written it

  • Maybe she still feels slightly possessive of you


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