Why can't I forget her?

(I'm 16 she's 15)
About 5 months ago, i met a girl online. She was super nice, fast forward, we're dating. But when time passed she started to become a bitch, ignoring my messages, lying, always going out and it's always my fault when we got in a argument, we were even in a secret relationship and more,...
And still i couldn't break up with her, cuz i believed her when she said 'sorry' everytime.
Then i had no patience anymore, so i just blocked her without saying something.
I was relieved (that happend 40 days ago) but i just can't forget her. I don't love her, i hate her. She is the reason i don't wanna date 'till i'm done with school and everything.
I just want her out of my head, i'm like torturing myself.


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  • Maybe you should try and date other girls to forget her. And if you don’t wanna date yet, just go out with friends and have fun. There’s no need to miss her if she’s a total bitch.

    • I don't even miss her, i hate her. She's haunting me

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  • When You're 15 years old everything makes it seem like a real big deal when meeting a girl.

    • I'm 16, it's not that, i really don't care about her. I just want her out of my head

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    • But i don't wanna date lmao

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  • Just realize she's a GIRL, and honestly: still a child. She doesn't represent all girls her age, but her age definitely plays a part in her bratty nature, no doubt. Just focus on you and you'll meet someone who sucks a lot less.

  • No, what you liked and miss is the sex, even with a crazy bitch like this.

    • I'm a virgin...

    • Then you are worse off than I thought. You must love drama and are a glutton for punishment. :)

  • Why were you in a "secret relationship"?

    • Idek, she was probably fucking around with other dudes

    • Was she already in one?

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