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Why would a flirty and touchy guy who is always touching his female friends and hugging them/ even having casual relationship with 1 of them suddenly become very quiet and conscious around 1 particular girl?
This guy is very outgoing and flirtatious and is extremely confident/good looking and he is so free and open with women. He calls one older lady friend of his "wife" and even his male friend he's like that (flirty/touchy) with all the ladies.

He has many female friends with whom he freely talks, touches, hang outs with them but with 1 girl (hes her acquaintance) he can't talk properly and is UNLIKE himself.

He rarely stares at his female friends and does not even stare or look at his casual lovers but with this girl, he is always looking at her, having deep eye contact with her.

Why is he doing this? Why so different?


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  • Sounds like she holds a special place in his heart.

    • What do u mean? Explain

    • The fact that he treats her differently than the rest shows she has some influence on him. Either he sees her as a 10/10 woman he wants and doesn't want to fuck it up or there's something hidden that they've both have done/said to one another that made their connection higher than the rest of the women he talks to.

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