Is it possible from my summary that guys just don’t like me?

I've never had much confidence. For a majority of my life I was chunky until I was 18. Guys didn’t seem to like me. I don’t blame them because of my weight. I’m stating they didn’t seem to notice me compared to the attention my skinny peers received. Now, I’m 23 and have only been in one short term relationship. I’m average/curvy now and have been told a decent amount of times that I’m pretty/etc even when I was heavier. I’m very reserved. The most attention I’ve received from men were online. In person, I only got attention from guys I wouldn’t pursue. And if I did find them attractive, they either didn’t do anything to show interest or just gave me a glance and moved on. I don’t know why I’ve had no luck in dating. I’m cursed (sounding like those over dramatic teens😂).
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  • Like u stated guys do find u attractive just not the ones u want

  • "Is it possible." Well... yes, it's possible.

  • You probably searching in wrong places or chasing mythical prince.
    You think, that it is your weight, fine lower it exercise much more, you do not need to starve.
    It looks like you just good at excuses, not solutions...

    • Did you not read from above I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. Like 70+ lbs

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    • Why you putting so much notice on your weight in your relationships?
      Why you think it is an issue?
      Unless you still weigh 300 lb

    • Because in order to attract guys to begin with, you typically should be thinner. Seems to be a male preference. Men don’t want big women.

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