Dating a guy I know's ex wife.

So this guy I know and have hung out with a few times separated from his wife a year or so ago. They recently hooked back up and are trying to work things out. I was at a party a week or so ago with her and her "husband". She kept hugging on me, pinching my nipples, grabbed my butt once, and even grabbed (softly) my crotch once, though she hit the two other guys (including her husband) in the balls so hard they fell on the floor. We had a really great time even without all the sexual stuff and kept hugging on me too ALL night. We really had some great conversations about stuff too. I didn't really see her doing this with other guys there.

She told me she's not real confident things will work out with the husband, so was she flirting with me? Trying to make him jealous? I've met her only briefly once before while they were single and wanted to ask her out. I'm just wondering what to make of the actions at the party.

Oh, one of our conversations was about how the sex is great with him but she needs something more emotional, and told me how great of a guy I was.


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  • This is trouble all over. Seriously, where to start?

    This is a woman 'trying to work things out' with her husband, but instead of taking actions to cement and solidify a shaky relationship, she's hitting on her husband's friends - In front of him! This isn't a clandestine talk that, wow, you just really connected. No, this is shallow physical attractions that she's not willing to pass up.

    So, to answer your question, hell yes she's hitting on you.

    To give you good advice? Don't touch her with a ten foot pole.

    I don't care how much fun you had, that woman thrives off of the attention of men, not an actual connection, and leaving the whole lot of you battered and wounded in one way or another gives her a sense of fulfillment. It's an incredibly unhealthy habit carried out by women with unhealthy views of themselves.

    Women like this are wildly fun, mockingly open with their emotional confessions, and have both a fishing and self-deprecating response to compliments. This makes them seem like drama-free, emotionally deep, unappreciated diamonds in the rough. Do not fall for it. In their mind, they are always the victim and they'll make sure when all is said and done you're the one that's treated like a social pariah.

    She is nothing but trouble. If at all possible, do not ever speak to her again.

    • Ha, she told me today if I was looking for some fun she had a friend that she could hook me up with for $500 a night. That sealed it right there for me. Prostitution is NOT acceptable in my opinion. 10 foot pole my ass, I'm starting to thing 50 foot pole!

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    • Keeping it classy in the ATL!

    • lol missgriff you're hilarious..."Nothing says 'I'm a well-rounded person' like pimping out your friends." HAHAHAH!

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  • This situation just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Wait awhile until they are officially done with and not trying to make things work. You don't want to be that guy in the group that went after someone's ex plus I'm sure the guy will take things the wrong way and could possibly take things even further than just saying "nice" words to you. By the way she's acting it sounds like she's not satisfied in the relationship and isn't fully putting herself into it and trying to make things work. I think that its best to just leave her alone for now. If there's a connection then chances are that connection will still be there down the road when she's not on the edge with her husband.

    • Oh I'm for sure going to steer clear until they're done on their own. No questions about that. Though our little group of friends does have a history of swapping ex's. So you think she was flirting or messing with him?

    • If she was acting the same way towards other guys then it sounds like she was just trying to make him jealous.

    • Nah, she wasn't. Just me, or at least I didn't notice if she was.

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  • Unless you want drama and never to be able to talk to him or his friends again I would steer clear. She could be using you... correction she is using you. It might be fun if you do it or you may just get used completely and never really do anything but destroy your relationship with your semi friend and possibly your reputation as anything that is worth a sh*t in any connected circles.

  • I mean I think you just wait and see what going happen between her and her husband before you start to hit on her cause she might just might be do for the hell of it so I say just sit back and see how it play out you don't wanna rush thing with her if it mint for you to then it will happen...

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