Lying to poly partner?

I have asked this before. (Hoping for new opinions) my girlfriend is polyamorous. I'm not. She knows I want to be monogamous with her. I asked her if I'd ever be enough for her. She didn't say no or yes. Women, Would you lie to keep a partner? Would you give him false hope to keep him?
I feel like if she were a poly "lifer" she would have said no without hesitation.
I'm just looking for a glimmer of hope that one day it will be just me and her.


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  • I would not but I definitely know some women who would.

    Listen... she's not going to change and it's not fair to expect her to change. She is polyamorous and you'll have to accept that or move on. It's not fair to you to be held back from finding happiness because you two have different desires.

    • I found happiness with her. We've gotten very close and have strong feelings for each other. She wasn't poly til quite recently. And she knows that I want monogamy one day. Do you really think she would lead me on to keep me around?

    • I don't think she's leading you on at all. I simply think that she's not going to change. You are deadset on monogamy and wouldn't change who you are. Why would she?

    • I already have changed. I've accepted her lifestyle (mostly) I'd rather have her as she is than lose her. But she is 100% aware that I want monogamy one day (with her). She knows this, she knows I'm in love with her, even though I'm too chicken to say it out loud; I don't know if she's ready to hear it. And I think what she and I have is different from what she does with her partners; I've met her friends and family and she's met mine. (The others haven't)
      I know I'm grasping at straws. Right now I'm reading "More than two" to help me understand and hopefully handle my jealousy better

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