Is he possibly serious about me or just using me because he’s insecure?

We met on tinder (I know, worst place!) and have been speaking for around two weeks now, the past few days we’ve been speaking pretty much all day with little gaps in between, although I never text first, but I do always continue to keep the convo going. we spoken on the phone the other day and he sent me a nude that I requested a few days ago and he freaked out after it and felt really bad and horrible about it and kept telling me how he shouldn’t have done it and that he feels uncomfortable with anything sexual because “his circumstances are different now and he’s struggling to make sense of it” he later elaborated it meant his mental health was terrible and now he feels the best he’s ever felt and it’s hard for him to deal with, but then the other day he initiated sexting then sent me pics of his crotch while clothed then when I responded quite seemingly unimpressed w his immaturity he got really needy and insecure and started saying “sorry if I’m bothering you i’ll fuck off now” then went on a rant about how he hates himself and he’s sorry for teasing me and when he said “i’ll fuck off now” he was thinking really dark stuff about himself, and he says a lot that he is amazed when i say nice things to him and doesn’t understand how anyone can find him attractive. he also deleted tinder and claimed it’s because he’s talking to “two people from there” and that’s enough. he asked if i’d like to meet around maybe three times in the past week but he never makes concrete plans he kind of just suggests it. he also claims to be a virgin and has never kissed a girl before (he’s 17) is he genuinely this insecure and vulnerable or is he potentially just acting that way to gain sympathy or he is and is using me for an ego boost because when he says that stuff to me I more or less put him on a pedestal and tell him how amazing and attractive I think he is


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  • I think he might be a bit instabile or his mental state isn't that good rn but in my opinion he should at least try not to load everything negative onto you...


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  • I suspect he might be too young for you. I don't mean his actual age, I mean his mental age. He seems VERY immature.

    • he’s 17 turning 18 and I just turned 18 but yeah I do agree with you on that

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