Is my girlfriend a "gold digger" now that I make more money?

I'am not saying she is but some of her actions have changed. I got a good paying job and i'am 23 years old. I make $35 an hour and im pretty happy and lucky i must say. I came from a poor family so i save up my money. I been dating my girlfriend for 3 years and i always try to impress her and make her happy even when i might not have much. The past two months she has started saying things like "let's go to a more exquisite restaurant" or this one time she wanted me to get her some nice earrings for her upcoming birthday. If we get some food, she doesn't offer to pay any more or split it. She still gets me stuff but i feel like im being taken a little advantage of. Maybe this is in my head but what do you guys think?


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  • Well, how much moey does she make? Is she a student, by any chance?

    • She's done school and working like me but she is thinking of doing her masters degree

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    • She makes $20/hour which is not bad since she too just got out of school

    • Not at all

  • I think she is getting too comfortable

    • I think I might say something

    • You should. I think you must not have heard of the story of the person who got a bonus. So this person invited his friends on a party after a bonus for full year. After the party when it came time to pay the bill he realised that the party costed him 5 years of bonus and didn't do him any good

    • Damn lol. Keeping track of finances are important

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