My old crush that I kind of still like said that he likes me but I have a boyfriend now what should I do?

So about 7 months ago when I started playing baseball I met this guy that’s on my team the moment I saw him I fell in love but I didn’t have the guts to talk to him about 3 months later I finally spoke to him and now about one month ago we started playing video games regularly together and playing for several hours straight but about one week ago we were playing fortnite w a 5 hour streak he told me that he was going to see his girlfriend the next day and that’s where I gave up if he has a girlfriend I don’t wanna steal her man so I moved on there’s this really nice guy and he’s sweet but I like him but not that much I also don’t like dating someone that’s shorter than me and he’s about 150 cm and I’m 160 cm while my old crush is 170 cm but whatever so now me and this boy let’s just call him John are dating we have been dating for about one week and I Houseparty w him and Gillan joins in so I tell him that this is my boyfriend we have been dating for one week and right away I can tell that something is wrong my old crush let’s call him Caleb seems annoyed he starts like an investigation w John and asks him what do u like about (me) () and John answers I don't know (probably cuz it’s awkward) then not 2 mins later I get a message on Xbox from Caleb telling me to break up w John cuz he’s a “fboy” because he doesn’t know what he likes about me so I kind of shrug it off I also asked John and he said that he was just uncomfortable w telling Caleb because he knows that I used to have a crush on him so I told Caleb about this and he was like yea sure so then John left and we kept playing and we were talking about relationship and how relationships in our age do not last and then I said but wb ur girlfriend don’t u wanna marry her and he said oh no I broke up w her this week so apparently one day after he told me about her he broke up w her so now I wonder does Caleb like me and if so should I give it a go or keep on dating John?


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  • You are below 18. At this age you will probably meet temporary people. So think about your current friend


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