Arr guys or girls more shallow?

Based on people I know, I think girls are. Guys talk about physical features, but when asking a girl out they dont have a checklist they hold the girl to. On the other hand many girls I know will actually admit they will just not consider a guy who isn't tall enough or big enough or skinny/fat. But girls instead of admitting it's about physical preference will project it onto the guy and say things like "I just don't like the way short guys act" etc.


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  • I just don't find myself attracted to short men.

    • So what do you think?

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    • Being shallow means you totally disregard the person's personality, and base things solely on looks. Also I never heard anyone telling men that they are the only shallow humans.

    • So wouldn't you telling a guy "you have to be this tall to apply" be shallow? Because his personality only counts if he's tall enough?

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  • People are equally shallow. Everyone has type and that's it. I wouldn't date a troll even if it had the most amazing personality in the world and cracked mad jokes.

    • I really like brunettes but I'd date a blonde girl

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    • Trolls aren't humans, but if we're at a stage in life where trolls and humans comingle, maybe I would

    • Good for you fam

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  • Shut up

    • What's your opinion? I told you mine

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  • Most men are willing to compromise on women have small buttocks or a flat chest but most women wouldn't even give a short guy a second look.

    • Because they have many option their dms get blown up their snapchat gets blown up by all different kind of men they can choose. Meanwhile men don’t really have option if they are average or below average on the sexual market. Those average men need to persue and they will compromise when they finally found a decent looking girl... only attractive men (alpha) have a lot of options

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