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So a guy friend is interested in me... We know it other for 12 years. He told me that he is interested in me for most of the time he knows me. We scheduled a vacation and he says that I can stay at his beach house but he says that he only makes moment promises... I told him that I am not really expecting anything from the start... But I have been getting weird mixed signals from him... He is shy... We talk most of the time for the past 2 years... Sometimes every day... We only kissed and played a bit up a few times no intercourse... because I stopped. I live in another country so we aren't that much together... I don't know he is a sweetheart and has been there for me I don't want us to get hurt. I feel that he says one thing and acts the other.. As soon as I said to him last time that I don't give sex to anyone he started to talk about relationship..


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  • hi there, it sounds like you have a decent amount of back ground time re getting to know each other... you also say you have got a little more intimate without too much going too far, he has now invited you on a holiday which you have said clearly you are not into just having sex with casually... i would consider your next move here is it realistic that if you took this holiday and things moved on between you could you re locate or he could re locate to continue the relationship? otherwise i would be asking what is the point here? xx


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