Have you ever love someone but it seem like life didn't want you to he together?

So been dating this girl for 2 years we have a newborn together. We both are very tried when we were friends we had zero problems as soon as we started dating we had problem left and right. Parents hate me becuase am black. Were homeless cps took our daughter away temporary... staying with my mom till we can find a place $6400 in debit from being homeless amd in hotels for 6 months. We can't find a apartment in nyc becuase no one willing to rent to someone with a kid they dont care how much we make.. can't move into a apartment complex since our credit drop from 800 to 450. It just seem like we have problems left n right since we started dating.. its like problems just find us. My girlfriend doesn't really like our daughter... I heard it was normally for new moms but if she doesn't come around ill be a single dad. Her parents stop talking to her and she misses them so much but they won't have her back in there life till she leaves me& our daughter.


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  • Yes like it never worked out yes


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