Girls, I'm beyond confused. Can you help?

I went on a date yesterday that lasted four hours and we left because the place was closing. To give you an example of how well it was going, the waitress asked her if she wanted another drink or should we get the check and I signaled to her to get one more before we left and she did. We stay for another hour. At the end I walked her to her car, gave her a hug and a kiss good night and she said we should do this again. I wholeheartedly agreed. Admittedly, I was a little drunk when I got her maybe she was a little too so I didn't ask her if she got home safely (not like it's a requirement or anything) but I got home and passed out. This morning I texted her that i had a good time and something funny we talked about but all day I got radio silence. I don't wanna be that guy who panics and starts texting her over and over looking for a response so I'm playing it cool. But I like her. I'm also experienced to know something isn't adding up. I just wanna know for sure where to proceed. Thanks.


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