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so its been a while since I've had a girlfriend probably 6 years or so. I've been on dates.i do make friends , I'm social and everything. but when it comes to having a girlfriend now when in college it seems a bit difficult. now there is always the whole thing I get from people like , its college , you shouldnt get a girlfriend , go to clubs and what not. the thing is , I've been to clubs/bars/parties. and I'm ready to settle down a bit. now when it comes to all these girls , they talk on how they want a nice guy, who wants a good future, works. and would treat them right. its like hello? I consider myself to be nice, honest, I work full time. and I take about 3-4 classes each semester in college. I'm going for dentist , its not like that will be a bad future. I don't think I'm bad looking either. I'm pretty confident with the way I look , but I seem to never meet the right girl who wants to settle down a bit and take it easy. its always the party girls or the girl who can't do a thing because they still live with the family and plays by those rules. I'm only asking for a nice healthy relationship? :(


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  • the only reason why you aren't finding the right person isn't because your looking in the wrong spots its because its not the right time.you have to find bad ones and good ones and loose them in order to find the right one and realize its the right one. And maybe you are secure with yourself but maybe you don't kno something you need to figure out. look deep into yourself and see what you need to fix, I mean like little insecurities. I find that when I'm confident in myself people tend to come to me. I don't find them, they find me. and when you hold your head up high and show you know who you are and what your looking for they will notice that and come to you.

    but be sure DO NOT act tooo cocky. Girls don't like that. well I know I hate guys who think too highly of themselves. a little cockiness is okay but not too much

    i hope I heloped.=]

    • Yeah.. I mean I act confident.... but I don't try to act like I'm better than the person I'm trying to meet, as that is already heading the wrong way :P...... but yeah I need to find those hidden insecurities and maybe ill have better luck.thanks )

    • No problem...if you need anymore help you know where to find me =] kk

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  • The wrong part might be what your looking for, and when your looking for it. Not to say that you can't find that perfect girl, but you might want to wait a little while longer until they fully realize what they want and you fully realize what you want- hey or maybe go for the older girl bit, that might help. not living with the fam, and a little bit more into the "I am ready to start the rest of my life" catergories. Or if that doesn't work- try a club (as in an organization- not dance club), or a social group, maybe even go out for a cause- nothing unites people like caring about the same things. Or you can wait.

  • ok so ur in college, that shouldn't stop you from settling down, so forget aboutr what they tell you basically what ur friends are saying is "live it up" ur in college. but if you want to settle down then what I suggest is going to the right places. like maybe coffe shops, or even places you like to go and maybe you can find someone who likes things you do. the thing is ur probably looking at the wrong places. try going places you like and look around at girls you find attractive and c how much fun there having :) first observe the girl, b4 you go up to her, then if you feel that she's what you like approach her and then observe her body language and the convo she has with you :)

  • WOW exactly the same situation as me, except I'm fat. I mean you couldn't guess how much I weighed by looking at me, but I'm a "thick" girl. I blame that on my singleness. Maybe you should go after older women who know what they want. Everyone is trying to find themselves in college.

  • college is probably one of the worst times to have a girl/boyfriend. it never works out. someone cheats. or someone lies. its like 1 in a 500,000 your relationship will workk


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  • Dude, I sincerely feel your pain brother. I want what you want. And to be honest, sometimes I find guys to be more mature than girls simply because we have a tendency to be more straight forward with what we want.

    I did what you did, and hit up the club scene but you end up realizing that most of the girls who go to that sort of thing aren't long term relationship material. They also have the mental depth of a puddle.

    I think our generation is plagued by the media trying to shove this 'live for the moment, and don't get attached to anyone' ideal down our throats faster than a prostitute and attorney fornicates. And it's seriously getting out of hand.

    My best advice for you, is to not give up. Get to know a girl sitting next to you, and if she ends up not being reliable, take it like water off a duck's rear end.

    Good luck, bro.

    • I totally agree!


      good luck to you too!!

    • Yoo I love this kid! you kno what ur talking about...i may not be a boy but I kno how you feel about the whole girl thing......

  • Keep moving. You will find her someday. The more you wait and look for it, the longer it will take!

    • Yup. Love isn't really to be 'found' where people 'look'. Bars, clubs, etc are just for dating and having fun with people for short term relationships.

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