Is he wanting to date me?

Ok, so I see him once a week at my language school and he has been flirting with me by laughing with me and joking around with me and we usually have good conversations that last for a long time before we head into class and he starts them.

He has playfully touched me a couple of times before as well and he also looks at me a lot both in and out of class, especially when he says something funny he will look over me to see if I laughed (and I did).

I also notice one of his friends looking at me pretty often too and they have also talked to each other and both looked at me at the same time too.

However, today after school had finished he came up to me and as a joke he pretended to whack me in the head with a piece of paper and that lead us to having a conversation about the parties we go too.

When I said to him "Maybe here at school you think damn she's a nerd, but when I go to parties believe me, I actually try." and then he smirked at me and said "We should both party some time!" and I said "Yeah, that sounds good to me."

I then asked for his social media and he gave it to me and then we began to talk there. Opinions? :)


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  • Obviously there is an attraction from both side. It depends on you two how you wanna take it forward. People have had different situations so advice from other people won't work much in your case. Take it smooth like you have been doing all along

    • He said one day he wants to go to a party with me? Do you think I should I go? :/

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    • With taking things forward means taking your friendship to relationship.

    • In that case, I agree! :D

  • 95% chance


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