Is it possible he may like me at all?

I met him at work a few months ago and I never did see him much because we work for different companies but have the same boss, i thought he was cute and we exchanged smiles across the room and I caught him staring so i creepily found his Snapchat username from asking our boss his name then searching it on facebook, then Instagram then finally seen his snapchat. I messaged him and he asked who i was so i told him and we spoke for about a month and a half or so off and on, he asked to hang out, go to the movies then asked to spoon me so i flirted and sexted him a bit. we met last night and bc of how much i liked him i was like stiff and didn’t want him to touch me for at least the first 40 min then we made out and i gave him oral, im a virgin and he said he didn’t want to take it because doing it in his car isn’t right. I like him like a lot but i guess he doesn’t like me, he did talk to me a lot and ask me a lot of questions and after it he was really concious about making sure i got home okay bc it was like 2am but didn’t text me afterwards instead sent me a bunch of snaps that he also put onto his story. he kept asking if i was okay all the time, it was strange. i was shy and awkward so it makes sense why he asked that. some guy had sent me a d*ck picture while i was with him on snapchat and he searched his name up on facebook and insisted to take my phone and send the guy a selfie of him saying “you weirdo i know who you are” and he got a bit irritated when i was gonna reply to the guy. the strangee thing is that he asked me if my mum knew where I was because he seen I got a text from her saying “please come home now” and two missed calls. Would this have been a turn off completely? and is it possible he likes me at all? Awkward thing happened where I asked him to “take it” and long story short he thought I meant I had a penis... we managed to laugh it off though...


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  • @Asker that thing about you having a penis is hella funny tho.

    Let me ask you a personal question though, how much older is this guy? (Its ok if you dont wanna answer that)

    He sounds like a good guy but I think he must be question whether or not to have sex with you given you being so young but he does sound like he has a genuine interest in you and cares about your feelings (asking if you are ok and if why your mom called etc ). He likes you. I dont want you to think because you feel you like a guy that you need to have sex to hold him or prove that. You are still young so take your time and enjoy your youth and dont have sex until you are at least 18 or married.

    • i just turned 18 and he is 21. he did actually text me this morning about an hour ago and he’s asking how my day is etc. but im just worried that he’s only keeping the communication going in hopes of getting sex out of it next time we meet. and thank you for the second opinion it really helps bc I was kinda unsure.

    • I just realised my thing still says under 18.. I turned 18 around 2 weeks ago i must’ve added the wrong birthday when i made my account it somenthing

    • @Asker Happy belated birthday and hope it was an enjoyable one. Well go slow and see how it goes. Talk to him for a while though. Find out about his hopes and dreams etc.

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