What do girls like in a guy im confused bc I've been told a lot of difrent stuff?

So I've been trying, to date forever it seems and i dont, know what girls like in a guy please help me


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  • Depends on the person girls like different things, everyones different

    • Im always nice i make them laugh all, the stuff i thought they would like but never works

    • Maybe you need more confidence, I used to be like that, people would say I'm like really pretty and hot and all that but I never had a boyfriend, but then I changed gained a lot more confidence and its different now.

  • Basics... physical. good hygiene. Smells good. Nice style something you can bring home to your parents. nice hairstyle. Smile.
    Non physical... good attitude. treats you with respect. Good manners. Has masculine qualities that's attractive because you are usually feminine as a girl. Im describing husband material. Boyfriend can be anything even a hobo on the street because boyfriend isn't that serious a girl will just choose any guys she thinks is hot and can make her happy.


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