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We went out on our first date last night everything was going well I could tell as she kept getting close to me and we eventually held hands and we made out most of the date. I don’t really know her as she used to work at my work for a month then she left for a better job. Anyway at the end of the end after all this she said she wanted to take it slow and because he last relationship was 4 months ago she broke up with him after 2 Years. She wants to go out again but it felt more like a hook up than a date yesterday. We did talk a lot and get along but maybe I’m wrong. What do you think? We’re both 22


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  • Taking it slow is a good thing.


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  • Take it slow? girls do not take it slow with guys that find attractive. When she's into you, she can't help but take it 'fast'. Taking it slow is BS.

    If she's taking it slow with you, then she's doing the opposite with other guys. It may also mean that while she's banging other guys, she wants you to continue taking her out (taking it slow) without the sex so she gets non sexual validation and feels good about herself, as opposed to how she'd feel with just the sex from the other guys.

    The bottom line is, girls only take it slow with guys they are not very attracted to. My advice, move on... disregard at your own peril!

    • Yeah but we were hooking up hard basically all night, I don’t think she is doing anything with anyone else she also invited me to this event she’s going in September. I’m confused but maybe try it out a few more times. She had her arms around me her legs etc..

    • Yes, but the point is, she'd continue to do so if interested. You don't think she's doing anything with anyone else? in this swipe right culture? lol.

      She may also be worried about being seen as too easy.

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