Why would guys say that I am emotionally unavailable?

Getting as real as I can here so bear with me lol

I am a big time workaholic and prefer happy hours over romantic dates.. My ex boyfriend and I broke up a while back because I wasn't really feeling it anymore. He said I seemed too distant and I agree with him. I got very busy with work and then I realized we just didn't have much in common anymore. I could not give him as much time as he deserved. Is it wrong to put your career above everything else? I am so young atm and I don't find interest in planning a future with a guy.. in fact, I get scared when guys talk about that on a date or even with my ex. I dont want things to be planned out for me already.. is anyone else feeling this right now? and what makes guys say that I am emotionally unavailable?

Sorry for the rant but appreciate the responses!


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  • It's OK to be focused on work, but until you find out how to balance a relationship with it and 1be emotionally available, you shouldn't have one. Maybe you'll feel differently in a few years.

    • I also feel as though with the right guy, it would be so different. My ex and I were in an LDR for quite a long time and it kind of became exhausting for me. I am not going to wait around for the right guy but i know it will be different with someone I truly have feelings for

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    • No I am not getting back with him.. I just thought about this as this other guy I have been seeing used the term "emotionally unavailable" again. I agree I should probably not start dating if I want to focus on myself and my career right now as yes, relationships do take over your life

    • By "him", I meant any guy (a generic "him") that you might be interested in in the future.

      When you meet the right guy, you might be willing to find ways to fit him into your life

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