Do guys message girls on Facebook out of the blue?

Wondering if guys who have girls on facebook (or any girls get messages from guys they know of or have briefly met) and just strike up conversations. Lately I've been a bit more on the lonely side and I just want someone to genuinely chat with and have a laugh with or maybe more, tinder and that is a waste of time because girls get way to many matches etc. I've been told I'm a good looking guy more then once and I feel like I'm not to bad without sounding up myself which leads me to think if i felt like striking up a chat is that weird or do guys generally do that? I do get along with most people I meet I just never really messaged people. Some friends would say "oh I was messaging her the other day etc" or something and I think is it just me who doesn't just message people? Am i out of touch with what people do? Is it normal? Any advice is welcomed thanks


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  • Women don't generally like being pestered by lonely guys. Often times you don't really have anything to talk about.

    Try making friends with people by interacting with them in the questions, then ask if you may message.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah, and from what I hear, the girls generally do not like it.

    • Yeh that's another thing I hear guys swamping inboxes etc ,

  • I used to when I was 12


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