Should I as a girl initiate the first kiss on a date or should I wait until the guy initiates the kiss?

Guys, how would you feel about if a girl initiated the first kiss?
Would you just kiss her to be polite, or maybe even feel uncomfortable and blindsided?


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  • U know the answer but u will never do it even u wish to do it
    Cuz u will always wish and never act.
    Big word no actions

    • Would you like a girl to kiss you first?

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    • So I guess that means no? Because I really do not know

    • See it is simple
      If you want to kiss first, you kiss first... if u do not kiss, u do not kiss.

      At the end you made a choice and the consequences will follow.
      Maybe if you kiss first, you open door to a relationship and make it progress or destroy it.

      There is no definite answer.

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  • That's a hard one, I would say if you want it and your confident and he is giving you the same vibes I'd totally for it... but truthfully I always get so nervous. But I usually go for it if it feels right.


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  • There is no hard and fast rule. Whatever you are comfortable with.

  • My girl kissed me first I lov3d it and was happy for it

  • initiate


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