Going on a date with an older woman! Any serious tips?

I'm 26 and she's 31. I'm pretty excited. We're going to a nice restaurant 😊
Thank you all! These are all great tips!


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  • I never dated so I wouldn’t know. I never been to a fancy date only casual so I wouldn’t know. Usually if I am going on a date I try to be myself n stuff my face with food very little!


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  • 1. Stop referring to her as an "older" woman!
    2. Treat her just as you would a woman your own age.
    3. Be polite, courteous, and respectful.
    4. Don't assume that she wants you for an immediate sexual relationship just because she is a few years older. She is not desperate!
    5. Don't talk about the way things were when SHE was growing up. Talk about the way things were when both of you were growing up.


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  • That's not a significant age difference. Just Focus on getting to know her and enjoying yourself.

  • Napkin on lap, elbows off table, PHONE OFF AND AWAY, have a mint or two in your pocket, have cash in hand nothing smaller then a $5, tip well & pay obvious, look into her eyes a lot, even when you're eating especially when you're chewing


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