When you see the girl drifting towards someone you couldn't possibly except?

I've had a thing for this girl and wanted to date her but last night out of the blue she showed up at our local pub with another guy and they sat at a table together. she worked at a restaurant as a server and I recall he worked in the kitchen , that may of been where they meet. I also recall seeing him on a single date with another server from that same restaurant , single cause I never saw him and that girl together again.

but this guy is a slob , and a drunk , when ever I see him at the pub he's always drunk. he does have a job in the kitchen of a nearby restaurant but jobs are rather plentiful here during the summer so pretty much everyone works

she could seriously do so much better , I couldn't believe my eyes that she'd even consider him an option , she's all that , she's awesome , good looking , super desirable ( great body , personality all that ) , she could have anyone she wanted

I could deal with the reality she found someone else but not the town drunk , that would just be a kick in the nuts


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  • If she can have anyone maybe they’re just friends.

    • ok but even if she was looking for bar friends she could do better , I honestly don't know if there is anything going on between them or not. I knew she talked to him in the kitchen when they worked together but felt they were only work friends. most of her close friends are girls

      its also possible she doesn't know she could have anyone or being a small town she felt there wasn't anyone available here or drifted to him cause she knew him maybe?

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    • I doubt she'd have done it out of sympathy but was likely some reason , I do know her , talked to her many times over the years but were not super close and never hung out together outside the bar

    • Get to know her more then and you’ll know.

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