What should I do with a guy who is moving really slow?

Help me out guys, I'm getting anxious here.
About a month ago I met a guy online. We clicked really well, but we are 2 hours drive away from each other (different cities). He said from the start that he's not up for a distance relationship, but kept talking to me anyway. I told him that I'm not up for hookups or friends with benefits or being just friends, I was very clear that I don't want him too lead me on if he already knows that he can't do this distance. He said that it's not his intention to lead me on, that he just wants to get to know me better. He was usually the one to initiate contact and I thought maybe he is willing to get pass the "distance" issue if there's really something real between us. I figured that's why he kept talking to me. So I decided to go with the flow and to reciprocate. Few weeks later, I happened to be in his city to a music festival and he asked to meet up since he was going there as well. I agreed and so we really did meet. And it was fantastic! He introduced me to his friends and it seemed like they already knew about me. He was very nice with me and very protective because the crowd was rough. He kept me close to himself all the time, in his arms. Well, one thing led to another, and I ended up spending the night at his place. And sleeping with him. It just felt right and I don't regret it. And he kept initiating contact, nothing changed, he kept showing interest in me and my life in general. But days went by and he didn't mention seeing each other again. So I became kind of anxious and couldn't help but bring it up. I asked him nicely how he feels and if he wants to see me again. He said "It's not that I don't want to, I just don't know where it would lead if we keep seeing each other. You know how I feel about distance... I just don't know yet". I said it's cool, that I don't like rushing things, but that I just needed to know how he feels by now. And so we're still at this status quo now, just talking daily on the phone.
The thing is, all this doesn't really sit well with me. I feel like I'm the one chasing him, and it shouldn't be that way. I don't feel wanted. It's starting to make me nervous and overall unhappy. I am getting bored of only talking on the phone. I feel the need to back off. I'd rather not talk at all until he makes up his mind. But then again, I fear that will blow this little chance I have.
Should I keep it cool, go with his tempo and wait or should I end it?


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  • hmmm. Thats tricky. Give him a few weeks and maybe try again. See if there is a venue coming up in your town and see if he's interested in coming but if he still is about this "distance" thing then you both ether have to accept a long distance relationship is the only thing that can happen now or cut it all together. You both clearly like each other but the type of relationship you both want is different. You have to align yourselves in way that suites you both or just remain friends and thats it.


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