Is he getting annoyed with me?

My boyfriend is starting to get annoyed when I call we don’t talk all day but we do talk all night and fall asleep on the phone together I tend to ask him if he would like me to call another time but he gets clingy and tells me “no I want to talk to you” the only time he gets annoyed is when I call and it’s the beginning of the conversation


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  • It sounds like he likes to focus on what ever he has going on during his day and at night when things are a little bit easier for him and relaxed its the best time. My girlfriend is the same. We dont consistently talk during the day mostly at night but thats because she has kids and so fourth. So you have to respect he has other things to focus on and not become clingy (I hate that word) and let him do his thing and allow him to reach out to you. You can send him a couple of messages throughout the day to let him know you're thinking of him. There is NO harm in that and just pick up conversation during the night. As long s there is communication thats good.


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