I hate my neighbors girlfriend. How do I approach this situation?

my boyfriend and neighbors are good friends. I join them sometimes. They’re cool! But when one of their side chicks come over, she can be cool but has NO BOUNDARIES

she changed in front of us yesterday 😑 her now boyfriend (she ONCE WAS his side chick), didn’t see cause his back was faced her. She changed in the hallway but in front of us. We played cards against humanity and someone pulled out a boob card. So when it was read out loud, she looks at my boyfriend and says “boobs? Can’t get enough of them huh? Hahah!” In some flirty voice. She’s come out in her underwear to hang with us.

I’m just about ready to punch her in the throat 🙃
My boyfriend just ignores her but still. It makes me mad


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  • It is disrespectful to undress in front of another woman's man. I would talk to her but I could easily see her stating that you're jealous. And her boyfriend seems like he doesn't care either. Your boyfriend ignores her but why don't you talk to him and see if he can talk to his friend about her?


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