Does this seem desperate?

I've been talking to this girl online for a bit now, it's gone past a good ten messages and that's normally my mark when I try and take the conversation off line and give them my number. So I give this girl my number but she prefers to continue talking on POF instead, but she adds a smiley face at the end of that message. The conversation then leads to her family staying with her until the weekend after Labor Day. I was thinking of asking her out for after they leave since it seems like she wants to take things slow, but would that seem desperate after she refused to take the conversation off line?


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  • You might just ask her what "slow" means, or what would need to happen to make her feel comfortable meeting you in person. You don't want to be left holding the bag indefinitely.

    • She said being friends/dating at first then a relationship.

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    • Dude. Do what makes you happy. No worries.

      That being said, you do realize that this is an internet forum with complete strangers, right? I don't know you - let alone this random girl. Literally all I know about this girl was 4 sentences in the intro. I would have no idea if she sounded like she "just got out of something" or if "it's just not who she is" as a person. You asked for a general impression - I gave my general impression. Maybe it was right or wrong, but it's also a complete strangers impression using a handful of second hand accounts. Now, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't intend to sound combative and rude to the one person who wrote back to you. But it's something you might consider when you're looking for "FREE advice" on this cite in the future.

    • What? I meant SHE has to play tour guide for a couple weeks.

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