Never had a girlfriend and feeling really depressed what do I do?

So I have went through my life with no girlfriend, no romantic interest, etc. When I was younger it really didn't bother me too much. But as I get older going on 29 in a few months it recently starting to hit me really hard that I dont even have any girls that seem to have any interest in me. To make it worse all my friends have paired off and most have gotten married. How do I deal with my current situation? It would be one thing if I desired to just be single for the rest of my life. But I do desire to find someone to spend my life with. What do I do to change my situation and start making my life the way I want it?


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  • the problem is in your appearance ı guess.. change your style first
    you can change your hairstyle or clothingstyle and a bit of self-confidence

    • I dont think appearance is the problem a lot of women I've have been told find me attractive. But I never really have develop self confidence within me to take the effort to make moves with female.

    • you can try to talk with a woman when you get drunk then..
      ı think this is good idea

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  • Start by flirting around, someone will take the bait

  • That's why the way it looks like is that success with women is learned behavior for men but not the other way around


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