What should I do? Should I be his friend?

Met this guy back in June hut it off really well. We've gone on 7 dates since then. (he travels a lot for work). We talked everyday and we hit it off really well. We have A LOT in common. We enjoy the same things music, movies even forms of entertainment. Now, he did tell me that he wasn't looking for anything serious, recently divorced. So just put it in the back of my mind. Everything was great. We never had sex I'm very shy and it was hard for me to read him. Yesterday, he told me that he felt like I really liked and didn't want to hurt me and again that he was not looking for anything serious. He does stress that he does like me as a person. But, doesn't see anything romantically with me. But, enjoys my company and the fact that we have a lot in common and wants to be friends. I did and do like going places with him. I'm a big nerd and none of my other friends would go to places that we go to... so do I loose having someone to hang out with? Again, we never dated... just talked and hung out. Should I be his friend or not? Help!!


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  • Looks like to me he wants to be friends with benefits with you

    • We never had sex

    • Yeah, but i think thats precisely what he wants.
      He enjoys your company, but he would also enjoy being intimate with you.

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