Should I tell him I've never been kissed?

I've been sort-of seeing this guy for a couple of months (we're not officially dating or in a relationship, but there's obviously something there). I'm inexperienced in pretty much everything - he's taken my first time holding hands, my first cuddle, my first hug. Anyway, I'm getting the feeling that he's going to kiss me soon - and trust me, I definitely want him to and feel ready, for the most part - but I was wondering if I should let him know that it will be my first time or that I've never been kissed. I've heard that a guy appreciates knowing that sort of thing, but would like to hear more opinions on it. Also, were I to hypothetically tell him, how/when would I go about it?


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  • I don't think you need to tell him. He might even guess it from how you act with him. And I don't think it matters whether he knows you've never kissed a guy before or not - he'll still kiss you the same way (probably). So, no, I'd say you don't have to tell him. If you want, you can, though. It's really up to you, but I don't think it'd make a big difference.

    If you do want to tell him, I'd say tell him before he's about to kiss you - be like, "You know I've never kissed a guy before, right?". Don't tell him as he's leaning in, though - maybe when you think he's working up to kissing you. Still though, I wouldn't tell him if I were you - he can figure it out himself, and even if he doesn't, it wouldn't make a difference. If you tell him, it might even add extra pressure on him since he'll be your first kiss.

    Good luck! :)


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