Can a taken man hangout with another woman alome?

What does it mean when a man is in a relationship but he asks to see someone alone,, is he interested in this person, could he have feelings? Or are they just friends?


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  • l would say no

  • If you asked me a few years ago id have said no, but I have a girl-friend who has a partner and its weird because she's the only girl-friend i have that i see as JUST a friend, meaning the others i wouldn't rule out sleeping with them if the chance arose. So i think they can be just friends but usually, not really.

    • Oh okay I get it do you think he's has feeling for this girl or no?

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    • I'd be suspicious of that, I'd like to think they see eachother in work and thats all the time theyd need to hang out together, can have lunch together even. I wouldn't like them purposely going out to lunch or something outside of work.

    • Your right thank you

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