What can I say to her via call or text?

we already establish that we're into each other. the thing is that I don't know how to bring it to the next level. HELP ME PLEASE!

take her out on a date type thing.


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  • What level do you want to bring it to?

    When you contact her, make it interesting.

    Instead of saying, "what's up?". Say something that

    They can respond to, like, "I just rock my soc final,

    what do you have going on tonight".

    Your question is slightly vague, so if my answer doesn't

    really make sense, it's based on perception.

    You like her, she likes you, get to know her.


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  • If you've established you're into each other, then girls like it when you keep it simple but show some enthusiasm... "It's great spending time with you" is a good start...


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  • What is the next level for you? Your question is not clear. Are you just talking now? Do you want to go on a date? Do you want to get intimate...where are you in the relationship scale -- where is she/he? Sean

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